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Fall TV 2009: "Ugly Betty' gets a makeover

Betty gets a makeover for her brand new season

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Ugly Betty
9PM — ABC — Returning Comedy — Premieres Oct. 9 at 8PM

Ever since we met Betty (America Ferrera) three years ago, she’s been a fashion-challenged assistant at Mode. But no longer: All hail the new features editor! Along with Betty’s fancy gig comes a sleeker — but still totally Bettified — look for the show’s star. ”The theme for the season is transformation,” says creator Silvio Horta. Adds Ferrera, ”Betty’s making the choice not to go backward. I call her the Bettitor now.” As for the rest of the Betty-verse, Daniel (Eric Mabius) makes a new friend in guest star Jamie-Lynn Sigler, while Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) reconnects with Connor (Grant Bowler) and her daughter, Nico (now played by America’s Next Top Model‘s Yaya DaCosta), who’s at the center of this season’s murder mystery. And in the premiere, Amanda (Becki Newton) faces some grim truths after meeting a tragic Mode temp named Helen (guest star Kristen Johnston, who took over the role Paula Abdul was supposed to play). Explains Horta, ”Helen’s the ghost of Amanda’s future.”

Betty’s Season 4 Makeover!

Betty’s signature horn-rims are staying — but they’re ”a different shape, a tad bit sophisticated,” Ferrera says. ”But they’re still bold red.” The braces, meanwhile, will be gone by midseason. Says Horta, ”We’re already pushing it with how long she’s had them.”

”In terms of hair, the big change is the bangs,” says the actress. ”She’s always had the big, bulky bangs, and now they’re swept to the side. You see more of her face.” All the better to see her new, thinner eyebrows.

”She still wears her B necklace,” says Ferrera. ”Her personality has to come through — I don’t think you’d ever want to lose that in this character.”

Playful accessories will remain a hallmark of Betty’s style. ”She’ll still be wearing some sort of colorful brooch on her jacket,” Ferrera insists. ”That’s what’s fun about looking at Betty.”

This frock is emblematic of Betty’s new embrace of less frenzied patterns. ”Now, instead of five patterns, it might be just two,” says Horta with a laugh.

Season 4 will find Betty moving beyond the dress, too. ”One of her first Bettitor looks is a pantsuit,” says Ferrera. ”You’ve never seen Betty wear pants. It’s a completely different silhouette.”