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'Toy Story 3' goes 007 with Timothy Dalton

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toy-story-3-cast_lThe upcoming Toy Story 3 has had Pixar fans foaming at the mouth for ages and ages, and finally, we’ve got some solid details: The film, which starts with Andy leaving for college and deciding which toys to pack up (“Sunrise, Sunset” is now playing in my head), follows our plaything heroes as they’re “sent to a daycare center, where they are horribly abused by the little kids — and after that it’s time for a break-out attempt to find a safe haven, and hopefully a new owner, in a cruel world,” according to Empire. “It looks every bit as good as its titanic predecessors.”

The other big Toy Story news is that Woody and Buzz are getting yet another new buddy: Mr. Pricklepants, voiced by Timothy Dalton. Mr. Pricklepants — which, best name ever — is “a hedgehog toy with thespian tendencies.” Something tells me this is going to inspire some serious tattoos from the fandom. [Disney did not reply to EW’s request for confirmation and additional details.]

PopWatchers, I can’t wait for TS3, so any news sounds like good news to me. Are you prickly about Dalton’s addition, or are you on board?

Photo credit: Toy Story: Pixar/Disney; Dalton: Kiera Fyles/Retna Ltd