September 07, 2009 at 08:03 PM EDT

Despite gaining 2 lbs., Ruby Gettinger inspired a lot of young people in Sunday’s season finale of her Style network show. Ruby was recruited to attend and speak at a kids’ weight-loss camp in the Poconos. She (and Jeff and Georgia) had some trouble adjusting to strict rules in the first few minutes — Ruby joked, “How am I supposed to order pizza with no cell phone!?” And she made sure to disinfect her cabin with the 20 cleaning products she packed (sounds like our style of hygienic roughing it!).

Soon Ruby was a happy camper, though. Her Southern drawl was a treat for the kids, and she threw herself into activities from volleyball to dodgeball to horseback riding (Ruby’s first time ever on a horse.) And she liberally gave out her famous hugs, while getting the campers to open up about their biggest dreams.

Maybe camp counselor is the perfect new career for Ruby (now that she’s proved too cheeky to be a Savannah tour guide). And sure, she could continue inspiring kids, but how about adult camp in her scenic Southern hometown? It would be kinda like her famous Women’s Fat Night stretched out for a week. C’mon, Ruby, think about it. Your chefs could create healthy meals, Dr. Bradley could lead empowering sessions, your trainers could inspire some fun workouts, and plenty of people (like me!) would pay just to have a Ruby hug and hear a few “y’all”s in person.

Who else would sign up for Camp Ruby?

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