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'Mad Men' star Vincent Kartheiser is no Pete Campbell

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Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser blows us away every week with his nuanced portrayal of the villainous-but-surprisingly-sympathetic Pete Campbell. Thankfully, that wounded smarminess is all an act, as evidenced by Kartheiser’s charms in a recent Vanity Fair article where he expresses dorky love for Marlon Brando and shares on-set stories about working with Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss.

The actor says he loves that Pete isn’t just a simple villain and talks about the character’s vague yet unquestionable feelings for Peggy. “There is no kind of black or white with any of these characters,” he says in the article. “People are all motivated by hundreds of different things, most of them subconscious. Is Pete in love with Peggy? How in love with her is he? Why is he in love with her? Is it really just his ego?”

Oh, and those ballet lessons that got Kartheiser beat up as a kid? Well, they certainly paid off with that Charleston routine in last week’s episode.


Isn’t it great when the real-life person behind the sleaze-you-love-to-hate turns out to be so likable? Do you think Pete Campbell the meatiest character on Mad Men? What’s your favorite Pete Campbell moment?