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'Twilight in Forks' documentary trailer: Bored now

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Has the first teaser for the Oct. 15 straight-to-DVD documentary release Twilight in Forks — The Saga of the Real Town left anyone else underwhelmed? The idea of focusing a camera on Forks, Wash., the rainiest city in America and the setting for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, is a good one. But the producers should have come out swinging with more than a local woman saying she doesn’t know any vampires and an Alice Cullen wannabe. Of course, that’s what we want to see: That some Forks citizens (presumably) hate their town’s sudden fame and tourism, while others embrace it. But this teaser just confirms that the assumed dichotomy exists. (Also that director Catherine Hardwicke did a wonderful job recreating Forks’ trees for the Twilight movie, which shot primarily in Portland, Ore.) The footage doesn’t surprise or shock. Is it enough to make you pre-order, or will you hold out for more?

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