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'So You Think You Can Dance' special: 15 Goosebumpy Screengrabs

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Picture 34

SYTYCD-logoLast night, So You Think You Can Dance reminded us it’ll be ON AGAIN, STARTING IN ONE WEEK! with a $#@%ing delightful clip show of The 15 Best Routines Ever. (Compare them to PopWatch’s own 15 Greatest Routines)

We’ve seen them all before, and the only original footage was Uncle Nige standing alone on the stage and shouting, so I know this shouldn’t have been a huge deal. But hello! It just was. I kept getting the pricklies after seeing some of my favorite moments — and ones I’d forgotten — in HD instead of a tiny YouTube screen. I feel I can’t even explain this in words, so after the jump, behold my very random (Mia’s old hair!) and highly subjective 15 Most Goosebumpy Screengrabs of the So You Think You Can Dance Special. Dance-TV fatigue? Me? Never.

It’s Janette!

Picture 16


Picture 17

Give it up…for Hok!

Picture 18

Mia’s Former Hair

Picture 19

Nick and Melody

Picture 20

Oh, Dmitry

Picture 21

Allison and Ivan

Picture 23

Sabra and Neil

Picture 25

Mark, goin’ for it

Picture 26

Let it out, Sonya

Picture 27

Chelsie’s mop and Mark

Picture 29

Joshua and Katee

Picture 30

Kayla and Spooky Kupono

Picture 31

Jeanine and Jason

Picture 32

Ade and Melissa

Picture 33


Picture 34

Anyone ready for season 6? I’m kind of into it…