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'Lost' DVDs: Good Dharma?

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dharma-kit_lNamaste, incredibly overstuffed “Dharma Initiation Kit“! You’re pretty.

You can get the fifth season of Lost on DVD for $59.99 on Dec. 8, oooooor you can shell out for the de-luxe apartment in the skigh-high collector edition for $119.99. This one appears to include: A VHS tape (dust off that VCR, kids), Dharma Initiative orientation pamphlets, DVDs in floppy-disk clothing (miss you, old friends), a variety of maps, and other fun Lost ephemera. The set is subject to change, though, so maybe don’t count those Dharma chickens before they hatch/disappear/time travel/etc.

Speaking of Lost paraphernalia, the third poster in the Damen, Carlton and a Polar Bear poster series is out.

Lost is unusually prone to the tchotchke industry, which is both fun — hey, a new toy! — and undercover bad news — hey, where’s all my money? Oh, I spent it on Lost toys! — for those of us who like to collect/hoard things. PopWatchers, will you shell out for the fancy schmancy set, or are plain-old DVDs enough for you?

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