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Who wants to be with a World's Largest Gummy Bear?

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When I read that Vat 19‘s World’s Largest Gummy Bear was the equivalent of “1,400 regular bears,” I was kind of hoping for a bigger product. Like, I wouldn’t mind walking around with a gummy bear who is around my height. Would that be like 50 million regular bears? Maybe we could even get married. I don’t know. I’ve had dreams. Leave me alone. Anyway, this is hilarious and I’m buying one in red.

Mandi does not approve of my long-term plans, due to texture issues. “I feel like stuff would get stuck to it. And how long does it last?” I don’t know. It’s a “mammoth nine inches deep.” I feel like it might last quite a while.

Which part would you bite first? As is my habit with enormous chocolate bunnies, I gotta go with Right Ear.