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Jason Bateman
Sam Urdank

STARRING Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Kristen Wiig, Ben Affleck, Clifton Collins Jr., Gene Simmons WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Mike Judge

Mike Judge first tapped into the zeitgeist in 1993 when Beavis and Butt-Head debuted on MTV, but he found true cult status after his 1999 box office bomb Office Space became an underground phenom, selling more than 6 million DVDs and uniting cubicle workers everywhere against their soulless jobs and clueless middle managers. So it’s rather ironic that this time the Albuquerque native is siding with the boss. ”I worked in cubicles in San Diego, and Office Space was born out of that,” says Judge. ”On Beavis, people worked for me, and I realized that people are really hard to babysit. I found sympathy there for my previous bosses.”

Extract stirs up a lot of sympathy for Joel Reynolds (Jason Bateman), the owner of a company that manufactures flavored food extracts. In addition to a withholding wife (Kristen Wiig), Reynolds must cope with an injured employee (Clifton Collins Jr.), a hot scam artist (Mila Kunis), and a sleazy lawyer (Gene Simmons). Given Judge’s subtle, absurdist brand of humor, it’s no surprise that Arrested Development veteran Bateman signed on. ”This isn’t pie-in-your-face comedy,” says the actor. ”It’s about the real world, and I like the responsibility of being its onscreen shepherd.”