Leah Greenblatt
August 27, 2009 at 07:48 PM EDT

In an interview today with Reuters, the always-impeccable Tim Gunn takes on many topics. And don’t we all love to get as many pearls from the mouth of la Gunn as we can?

Among the highlights: His lack of input in the Project Runway judges’ final decisions (“I know nothing about who wins and who loses until I hear it coming out of Heidi’s mouth,” he says. “It’s all I can do to bite my tongue and keep from running up there and saying ‘wait a minute!”), and losing his temper with season-five contestent Kenley (“In the course of 29 years of teaching, you develop a lot of resources to deal with students you’d like to smack.”).

But the most intriguing tidbit, perhaps? When asked about the fashion transformations inspired by Runway‘s move from New York to L.A., he replies, in part: “Los Angeles is a more casual place … I would go to the workroom with the designers every day at the beginning wearing a suit. But finally I thought, I’ve got to get with it. There is an episode (where) you’ll find me in flip flops. You won’t find that in New York, but you’ll find it in L.A. And when the show returns to L.A., I’m packing the flip flops!”

Flip flops, PopWatchers! Did you ever think you’d see the day where Tim Gunn’s little piggies would wiggle freely in the breeze?

So far, the new left-coast version seems nearly identical to its NYC predecessor, right down to the Mood fabric store ’round the corner. But tell me, what concessions, if any, should the show make for its new location? Does the host city really make a difference on other programs, from Top Chef to Top Model?

I’m thinking the Proj could use some real L.A. looks like these (go ahead and skip to about 0:48) :

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