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The Kids in the Hall reunite for murder-mystery comedy series (in Canada)

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: In a world of endless, needless reunions, there’s one that always makes us happy: The Kids in the Hall. Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, and Kevin McDonald have teamed up for an eight-part murder mystery series called Death Comes to Town. As of now, the show, about a murder in a small town and the revealing trial that follows, is only set to air in January in Canada, where it’s filming. Unacceptable. UPDATE! Especially now that we’ve established that the guys will all play multiple characters, men and women. “It is possible, though unconfirmed, that a special appearance or two by characters from the original series may be made,” the release reads. “Original characters include the small town Mayor and his alcoholic wife, a germ gel sniffing town criminal, a pizza delivery woman with Alzheimer’s, a 600lb ex-hockey star, and of course, Death himself.”

I’ve been waiting for this moment since 2003, when the guys told me they were hoping to do a second film, tentatively titled Not Brain Candy 2. McDonald said he wanted to improv it out in rehearsals, McKinney wanted to fine-tune it on tour like the Marx Brothers, Thompson wanted to script it himself and have the others perform every line exactly as written. (McCulloch, whose last TV project was ABC’s Carpoolers, conceived the idea for Death.) In August 2007, when the Kids released the 1988 pilot for their cult sketch show on DVD, Foley said they were still hoping to write a movie or do a limited run TV series, but scheduling was always an issue: “We’re not really good at planning.” After touring with new material last year (our behind-the-scenes gallery), they’re finally in sync.

So here’s to the Kids in the Hall. To comedy that still stands up. And, of course, to Reg. (Foley always said this is the sketch that best encapsulates their humor. Fitting that it involves a murder.) Who else is psyched for Death Comes to Town?