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It's Must List time, guys! Our pick: 'Mad Men' (natch)

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Unless you live in a bunker somewhere, a CB radio your only link to the modern world, you were no doubt bombarded with Mad Men advertisements of every shape and size — posters! pop-ups! sky-writing! — in the weeks leading up to Sunday’s season three premiere. Like the show’s male characters, its marketing campaign was totally excessive. But the thing is — and we so rarely get to say it these days — …wasn’t it totally justified? MAD MEN IS BACK!

Your turn, sport. Put down that mid-morning scotch for a second and type up those Must List suggestions — anything from current TV/movies/music/books/games/online — garnished with a Draper-caliber pitch. (Make us need that Kodak carousel.) Your pick/name could wind up in the magazine! Deadline is Thursday, Aug. 20 at noon ET.