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Britney Spears on Letterman: Making out-of-context partial nudity work

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Was it a little awkward when David Letterman pitched to Britney Spears for the Top Ten List last night to see a pre-taped remote shot of the singer perched on a generic desk in a skimpy bikini? Yes. Yes, it was. Especially when the camera held on her a beat too long after the intro, presumably hoping for a lascivious “Wooo!” from an audience that seemed more puzzled than titilated. Spears was a good sport though, switching “from hip to hip while we do this,” per Dave’s joke, and hitting the right notes with a deadpan delivery of the Top Ten Ways the Country Would be Different if Britney Spears Were President, which was basically a series of “dumb blonde” jokes (“We would only invade fun places like Cabo”). Tan, svelte, funny, half-naked (the woman had TWO babies, people), full head of hair, clear eyes, crotch fairly well covered up…all in all a good showing for Le Brit. The comeback continues.

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