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'Legion' trailer: Cool or crap with a Paul Bettany cherry on top?

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I can see the Hollywood meeting now: ”What would be better than Paul Bettany as the one man who could save a diner full of thugs? Maybe if Paul Bettany was the Archangel Michael, and the thugs all had wings…” Behold this gloriously NSFW trailer for Legion:

Oh, angels…why can’t you just get along and not wage war on everyone with guns and swords and stuff? This five-minute spot doesn’t have me entirely sold. I mean, I lurve action movies, and this looks like it could be delirious fun. And there’s something cool about an actor as good as Bettany rolling with the B-movie-ness of it all. But it reminds me so much of 1995’s The Prophecy — that smarter-than-average angel-war flick starring Christopher Walken, Eric Stoltz, and Viggo Mortensen (as Lucifer himself) — and I’m not sure the comparison will do Legion any favors.

I’m cautiously optimistic. But how about you? Fixing to join the Legionnaires, or are you gonna wait for Bettany’s next religion-flavored supernatural flick, 2010’s Priest (in which he plays a vampire-hunting man of the cloth)?