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'Dating in the Dark': Sketchiness

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dating_dark_sketchkellyI loved this quote from last night’s Dating in the Dark: “It sucks that this is what my personality looks like,” contestant Kelly complained after a sketch artist, prompted by date Cormac’s “blind” impression of her, produced a sullen angst-monster instead of a bubbly idiot with a toothy grin. (I thought that sketch looked kind of hot, but whatever.) “I don’t care what i look like — dark hair, natty, dreads, fat face,” Kelly went on. “If my face didn’t come across as smiling, that’s terrible.” Honey, stop talking because you sound terrible.

Kelly and Cormac, the soulful musician whose guitar poses sexily on his bed when no one but a television crew is around, were the only two who met up on the Balcony of Terror this week! I appreciated Shannon’s honesty about Jeff being too molest-y right away, and even Misty’s honesty about how she couldn’t get beyond the height difference between her and poor Amit. Yeah, it might be a crappy reason to deny someone, but if it’s that big of a deal, better to not lead the guy on with a staged Long-Term Relationship Limo Ride, right? Am I writing into a vacuum? Is anyone still watching this show?

Oh, and JUST ONCE, I would like the Shunner to at least toss a glance up at The Shunned on the Balcony of Terror. Come on! Even if it’s a bitchy look. He already thinks you’re a bitch, anyway, so just OWN IT.