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Jamie-Lynn Sigler defuses Rogen v. 'Entourage' scuffle

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Last night, Chelsea Handler asked Jamie-Lynn Sigler (don’t call her Meadow, or Italian, or Jersey) about Entourage‘s “Turtle dating Jamie-Lynn is like Seth Rogen dating Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up and would totally never happen” sub-plot. Sigler called attention to the obvious: the comparison was made between characters and maybe shouldn’t have been considered so insulting to the actor named Seth Rogen. When Handler egged her on with “You’re dating Turtle [in real life], what do you know?” Sigler gently pointed out that “Jerry’s not a stoner without a job.” So that’s settled. It was never about Seth Rogen; it’s jobless stoners who’d be incapable of scoring hot women. We can all move on to speculating about the ‘Sopranos’ movie Sigler says is probably not going to happen.