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'Weeds': The one with the breastmilk

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Oh, Weeds. Weeds, Weeds, Weeds, Weeds, Weeds. Just when I think a season seems on track (this season!), or things vaguely make a little bit of sense within the show’s universe (continuity within the Esteban storyline!), or seemingly disparate plot points start moving towards each other (Celia’s financial woes and Doug/Silas’ pot store), you go and throw me for a freakin’ loop and a half. Total, spoiler-filled discussion of last night’s episode ahead….

weeds-breast-feeding_lPoor Shane, who in my head will always be Nemo. First the Q-tip in the peen, then getting shot? Someone’s having the worst day ever. It’s been sort of a bad run for Shane, what with his totally neglectful only parent moving him to Mexico briefly — and then back? — and barely ever going to school.

But for me, the bigger issue on last night’s episode: Nancy nursing Andy. You guys…no. This is not a thing! The second Nancy touched her breast at that tiki bar, I knew I was in for an awake nightmare, and boy did I ever get it. (For the record, I know breastfeeding is natural, and it’s good for babies, and it’s totally kosher to do in public, and etc etc, lactation vacation, etc etc.) Asking one’s former brother-in-law to suckle at one’s bosom — after not even trying to fix a broken breast pump — is jaw-droppingly outrageous, even for Nancy Botwin, queen of not having judgement skills.

I can accept the violence Nancy is party to as just part of the drug trade, and I can accept the lack of boundaries within the Botwin clan as just how California hippies do things or whatever. But come on, Weeds, we already know Nancy is both a maternal figure and a person of sexual interest for Andy: Must it be so literal? And narsty?

Are you with me, PopWatchers? Did that scene give you the squicks, and do you recognize my Friends allusion in the headline? Back a sister up.