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Press Tour Diary: 'The Beautiful Life'

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Beautiful-Life_lWHO: Corbin Bleu, Elle Macpherson, Sara Paxton, and exec producers Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, and Karey Burke. MIA: Mischa Barton.

PREMISE: America’s Next Top Model: The Drama.

10:08 am/PST: The male lead is not based on Kutcher’s own Iowa-to-New York story. “There are similarities, but my story is actually closer to [the female lead] Raina’s,” he says.

10:13 am: Kutcher claims that when he was approached to become a model he didn’t even know there was such a thing as male modeling. “I thought the Marlboro Man was a real guy.”

10:15 am: New drinking game: Take a shot every time someone on the panel uses the phrase “fish-out-of-water.”

10:16 am: Corbin Bleu just referred to Elle Macpherson as an “amazon.” Um, awkward.

10:18 am: No casting changes, save for some new characters being introduced. “We’re not making any casting changes at all,” insists Kutcher. “The cast is the cast.”

10:21 am: Kutcher fields the first Barton query. He insists her recent medical woes have not negatively impacted the show. “Mischa’s in New York working today on the show,” he says. “She was never unavailable for a day of work.”

10:29 am: Bleu is very serious about his “craft.”

10:30 am: Recalling the day he was discovered, Kutcher says he was approached by a woman in a bar at the University of Iowa and…  I lost interest.

10:35 am: Barton will be “very prominent” on the show, says Kutcher.

10:38 am: Panel ends, rather anti-climactically.