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Which vintage vampires still scare you?

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While doing a little visual research for this week’s cover package on vampires, I stumbled on a clip (above) from Salem’s Lot, the 1979 mini-series based on Stephen King’s best seller (the story’s big bad guy, Mr. Barlow, ranks #8 on our list of the 20 Greatest Vampires). I certainly wasn’t expecting to be impressed — let alone scared — by a made-for-TV movie from the ’70s. And Barlow was pretty much what I expected: An actor dolled up in cheesy-looking fangs, fake eyes, and aqua face paint; he looked like a sad, inbred member of the Blue Man Group family. He was also really, really scary. Like, click-pause-to-remind-yourself-you’re-still-in-your-office scary. Honestly, I’m embedding this clip without even watching it again, because I’m afraid I might scream like a stepped-on chihuahua when he shows up. And nobody needs to hear that.

It all got me thinking: What other vintage vampires still creep you out? Does Nosferatu still make you turn on the light? Has Bela Lugosi lost his bite? Let us know in the comments!

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