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Press Tour Diary: CBS Executive Session

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Laurence-Fishburne_lWHO: Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment

PREDICTIONS: Lots of questions about the health of the CSI franchise, the decision to cancel Without a Trace, and the latest Big Brother scandal that no one really cares about.

9:13 am/PST: A reporter starts things off with a bang by erroneously calling Nina by her predecessor’s name, Nancy. “I’m Nina,” she responds. Could’ve been worse. He could’ve called her Les.

9:16 am: Twelve hours after news broke that a new version of Let’s Make a Deal would replace Guiding Light this fall, a reporter asks Nancy Nina which show Let’s Make a Deal will be replacing. It’s going to be a loooooooooong week.

9:17 am: Sounds like Flashpoint is a goner. “There are no plans” to produce new episodes beyond the nine already in the can.

9:19 am: “It seemed premature” for NBC to issue a press release declaring Conan the new king of late night, adding, “Dave is at the top of his game… We see this as a great opportunity.”

9:22 am: In response to the failing grade CBS just received from GLAAD, Tassler concedes that “we certainly have to improve our scripted content… hopefully we’ll do better next year.”

9:27 am: How does CBS plan to reverse CSI‘s ratings slide this season? They’re giving Laurence Fishburne some new duds, of course! Tassler reveals that they’re listening to fans who “wanted to see him more comfortable in his clothes” by giving Langston a “little bit of a wardrobe makeover.” Additionally, longtime viewers “wanted to see the group back together,” hence the return of Jorja Fox. She also dropped this spoilery tidbit: Catherine promotes Nick early in the season!

9:30 am: Tassler calls the cancellation of Without a Trace “a tough decision.” Says she’s happy the show at least went out on a creative high.

For more scoop from the exec session, including Tassler’s dig at departing NBC boss Ben Silverman, read Lynette Rice’s Hollywood Insider recap.