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Create a roller derby name on the 'Whip It' website—Mine is Diamond Princess Electra!

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Whip It derby

Whip It derbyDrew Barrymore’s directorial debut Whip It isn’t due in theaters until Oct. 9, but I’m already psyched for the roller derby flick. First of all, I’ve watched the trailer probably like 5 times. Second, the cast, including Ellen Page and Kristin Wiig, is fantastic. And third, the recently launched website has a cool little option where you can create your own roller derby name (the characters in the film have punny names like Smashley Simpson and Bloody Holly); it’s kind of like the old “What’s your porn name?” game. On the first attempt, the site deemed my roller derby tag “Carmen Troll” which, frankly, I found a little insulting. But on the second attempt, I landed “Diamond Princess Electra” which is sort of perfect. In fact, I might have all my EW bylines changed to that.

So, PopWatchers, what’s your roller derby name? Are you ready for Whip It?