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Rapunzel's tower: I want to go to there

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Rapunzel_lYes! Disney has released concept art from its upcoming 3-D animated feature, Rapunzel, based on the original Grimm’s fairy tale. You can view all of them here — the ones of Rapunzel and the prince walking in the forest and chilling on a boat are particularly gorgeous and should be viewed in full size. I love how the “tower” (pictured, right) is basically an adorable castle on a stilt — if I lived there, I’d feel lucky, not punished. Whoops.

I’m confused by two things. First: What’s with the balcony? I thought Rapunzel’s tower had neither a door nor a stairway and only a tiny little window at the top. The balcony’s looking a little too ‘Aladdin’ for me. Second: I can’t tell if Disney has abandoned its signature Female Heroine Hair Hood — the worst offenders of which are Ariel and Princess Jasmine — for the upper region of Rapunzel’s ‘do. The outline of her hair in the balcony photo indicates the same sort of “wing”-shaped structure Ariel had going on, but I think it might just be due to gravity in Rapunzel’s case. (This magazine scan would support that theory.) I just don’t want a “business at the top, party on the bottom” situation with the ‘Punz, you know? It should all be free-flowin’. This is really important to me.