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Michael C. Hall in yet another dark project

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I love Dexter. And I love Six Feet Under. And I love Michael C. Hall. Which is why I should be excited that he’s set to star in an indie black comedy. But he’s playing a 35-year-old who falls for an 18-year-old girl, and despite liking Manhattan and everything, I can’t help but think blech. Not just for the May/Decemberness of it all, but more because I want Hall to play a freaking beefy hero one of these days. Not a murderer, not an uptight neurotic mess: Just a nice, sweet, no-issues kinda dude. Is that so much to ask?I know, I know — what kind of role is that? Bo-ring. But Hall is so good at letting the weirdness in, whether as a sociopath pretending to feel emotions or as an emotionally stunted, whiny funeral director. I’d love to see him in a more upbeat movie or show at some point.

On that note, behold the trailer for the new season of Dexter, which looks…awesome.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Do you want to see Hall in a sunnier role?