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Julie Chen blogs 'Big Brother': Season 11, elimination #3

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Well, if Casey had to go, he sure went out with guns a’blazin’! But first…

After Jessie won HOH again last week, I couldn’t help but laugh when he started pulling the House Guests into his HOH Room, one at a time, to interrogate…uh, I mean, question each one about their motives and game play. Although many viewers have their issues with Jessie, you have to admit this is good stuff and the boards keep talking about him, so there’s something to be said about that! Speaking of…Jessie, Natalie, and Lydia? Talk amongst yourselves… I’m not even going to begin to speculate on that!

Lydia: “When I’m watching Jessie sleeping sometimes, he moves or smiles or his face has expressions – maybe he’s dreaming of unicorns…maybe he’s thinking about me. That would be nice.”



We used 75 gallons of suds.

There were 75 hanging foam ice cubes.

How many of you caught the complete “Truth or Dare” game play on the live feeds? Well, for those of you who missed it, here’s the breakdown of pranks. The House Guests, obviously looking to pass the time, started challenging each other. Natalie was dared to moon Lydia as she exited the Diary Room. When Lydia emerged, she was less than thrilled to be greeted by Natalie’s derriere. Ronnie was then dared to hug Casey (personally, this one made me a little nervous knowing how upset Casey is with him…but Casey, visibly annoyed by the whole thing, kept his cool, although he did let others know he did not want to be part of anything Ronnie ever again). Back to the game, Kevin was dared to slip into bed with Jessie, who was napping in the HOH suite. Kevin gingerly crawled into bed and cuddled with him. Natalie then woke Jessie up and he became irritated that his slumber was interrupted. The game continued as Russell licked whipped cream off of Chima’s neck, while Chima licked honey off of Russell’s finger. Hmm…yet another budding romance or mere game play? Talk amongst yourselves!

Chima: “I can’t believe you said I’m pretentious. I don’t try to pretend to be somebody I’m not.”



There were 7,000 gallons of mud in the pit.

There were three 10-point truffles in the mud pit.

Huge props to Casey for being a good sport. At the Power of Veto Competition, he thinks he’s won a trip to the Bahamas as Natalie pulls out the card, only to realize he’s won the privilege of wearing a banana suit for a week.

Russell to Casey (as he’s eating a banana while wearing his banana suit): “Don’t you feel bad eating your own kind?”

Casey: “It’s cana-banana-lism.”

A couple of days later, Casey the Banana Man then finds out he’s the actual target for eviction. At that point, he could have thrown in the towel and refused to wear the banana suit, but he didn’t and that makes him ultra-cool in my book. And it was hilarious to see him moping around the house in that thing.

Casey on his fate in the Big Brother House: “Dead banana walking, man.”

Kudos to Casey for keeping his sense of humor.

As I announced in tonight’s live eviction show, the cliques are now official dissolved and the House Guests are on their own. In addition, it is time for YOU to vote on which House Guest will receive the “Power of the Coup d’Etat.” The winning House Guest can only use this power once during a two week period, and only the person that receives the power will know it until they choose to reveal it themselves. The winner of the “Coup d’Etat” will have the ability to overthrow the Head-of-Household and replace the nominations right before one of the two live show votes that will take place between now and August 13. You can vote via http://www.CBS.com/BigBrother or text the number of their selection to 81818. Votes will be accepted until 11:59 pm PT Tuesday, August 4, 2009.

That’s it for this week…I need to go lay down…the Head of Household Competition made me dizzy!


Do you have to monitor the outdoors 24/7 to prevent people from throwing items into the backyard? It certainly doesn’t look like it would be very difficult to sneak up on the east side and throwing something over the wall.

The House Guests are in a secure area and guarded 24/7!!

Don’t you think there should be restrictions on how many people can be in the HOH room and for how long? I think it would be much more interesting if HOH could only have 1 guest at a time, and an overnight guest if they choose but force the HOH to mingle with EVERYONE in the house instead of hiding.

No, I don’t think we should put restrictions on how many people can be in the HOH room and for how long…this is how and where some of the best strategizing gets done. The HOH earns the right to hold court up there in whatever manner he or she wants. If the HOH chooses NOT to mingle with the others in the rest of the house…hopefully, the others will remember this behavior and act accordingly when the time is right.

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