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'SYTYCD': Cat Deeley on hanging with TomKat and the shock of the season

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Cat-deeley-blog_l It’sofficial: We’re 100! And not looking too bad on it, even if I do say so myself! I know, as a woman , I should never discuss my age, but I’ve got to just express how happy we all are that the show is still such a success after all this time. In England you receive a telegram from the Queen when you turn 100 …. I’m still waiting for mine, Ma’am!

Tuesday’s show was made extra special due to the fact that Ellen DeGeneres joined us on the judging panel. She really was a lovely lady! She hit just the right balance between judge, comedienne, and superfan. Ellen made the show so much fun, and I know the dancers loved her being there. It’s great having a new input on the show — itjust mixes up the dynamics. Portia also came down to the studio and we wereintroduced when I was standing in the tower and she was standing on the studiofloor — not the greatest angle in the world! I had to apologize for the fact thatshe was not only introduced to me, but also to my nasal passages! Fun!

The routine of the night, for me, was definitely Tyce’s breast cancer number, danced by Melissa and Ade. The entire studio stood completely transfixed and mesmerized. I don’t think anyone could quite believe how incredibly they danced and how they managed to communicate the message so eloquently. I think the routine becamepersonal to every single person in that studio, as all of us have been touchedby cancer in some way, shape, or form. One little girl, who was standing justin front of the stage, collapsed into her friends’ arms; her mom had been diagnosed with cancer that very week. Although we don’t wish distress on anybody, I think it’s good to provide a catalyst for those emotions and help people express how they feel, particularly when quite often we try and hide those emotions in an attempt to be strong.

Then came Thursday … Oh, so bittersweet! The show was every superfan’s dream come true. We had lots of the previous contestants back, some of the favorite award-winning routines and a few surprises. Wade Robson joined the dancers for “Ramalama (Bang Bang)” — on seeing it again you remember just how good it was, and you also understand why Wade is such a star. His stage presence alone is ridiculous!

But the big surprise of the night was Katie Holmes performing an homage to Judy Garland. She not only danced, but sang “Get Happy.” The number was recorded on two different sets in Hollywood; I went down there to interview her about the Dizzy Feet Foundation and why she was performing on the show. Katie was joined on set by Tyce Diorio and Suri, then later Tom came down to record all of the events on a camcorder like any proud husband! I have to say, they were such a lovely family. Tom held his little girl till she fell asleep in his arms, wrapped in her “blamblet.” Suri fell in love with my new puppy, Lily, and couldn’t stop kissing her. And Katie fan-kicked and sparkled her way through the number, as though it was second nature! “Get Happy”? We sure did!

Until, of course, the dreaded results! There will be no more puppy-dog eyes and squeezing the cheeks. Jason was sent home. He said to me later that he thought it was going to be him this week, and that he had had a dream the night before and watched himself being eliminated, almost exactly how it happened. But the real shock — not just of the night, but of the whole season — was Janette leaving us… I was amazed, as I know Nigel was too! We all thought she was a frontrunner. Janette was always the first to smile, laugh and joke. We’re going to miss her!

And then there were 6…

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Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Fox