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Exclusive: News about new 'House of Night' Novel

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Here’s a first look at the cover of Tempted, the sixth installment in the best-selling House of Night series by mother-daughter writing team P.C.  and Kristin Cast. The novel will hit bookstores on October 27, and publisher St. Martin’s already plans to print over a million copies (a number that will likely go up). We talked to both the Casts yesterday, who offered some exclusive tidbits about what fans can expect in this latest installment.

Tell us what’s different about this book.

KC: The main thing is we’ve gone from having not just Zooey’s point of view, but we have Aphrodite’s, Stevie Ray’s, an Heath’s, and there’s another character, too…

PC: We can’t tell you who that is. We’d have to kill you.

Why do it?

KC: Because we’re going to have a spin-off series following Stevie, so it’s kind of a way to lead into that.

In terms of plot, is there anything that’s going to be drastically different?

KC: Well, I think our readers need to get out their boxes of Kleenex out again. There were three points in it that I cried.

Is it romance, or is there a death?

KC: There is a death.

Is it a major character?

KC: Yes.

PCC: Not “dead, come back” death. Death.

(Additional reporting by Christina Amoroso)