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Memo to the Academy: Give Christian Bale an Oscar before he disappears from Earth

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A big skinny christian

A big skinny christian 

Poor Christian Bale. The guy has already gone super-method on us not once, but twice — when he  essentially starved himself for roles in The Machinist and Rescue Dawn — but it looks like he’s ditched the hamburgers and Ensure once again based on photos from the set of The Fighter, his new movie about a drug-addled boxer. Seriously, the Academy: How much weight does Bale have to lose before you finally award him an Oscar? What don’t you f–king understand? Nicole Kidman only had to don a fake nose to nab the prize! But let’s just go ahead and give him one before he slips through a crack on the street, ‘mkay?

Does Bale’s repeated attempts to become emaciated for the sake of his art freak you out as much as it does me? Especially when actors like Matt Damon — who lost 40 pounds to play a heroin addict in Courage Under Fire — have been told their heart health could suffer from such a rapid diet?