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'Mad Men' Yourself into an adorable vintage-style illustration

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Madmen_lyons Mad Men‘s season premiere is still a few weeks off (c’mon, Aug. 16…) but my jonesing for ’60s-era excellence knows no bounds. Hence the joy, nay, the elation upon dorking around with Mad Men Yourself. Hurray! Way to cure my case of the Mondays, adorable toy on the Internet!

I’d be boffo about probably anything remotely resembling this (remember when everyone was making Simpsons versions of themselves?), but this really takes the cake for me: It’s all artwork by everyone’s favorite Mad Men illustrator Dyna Moe. No wonder I look so fetching in my purple ensemble, pictured above.

Let me see your best Sterling Coopers, PopWatchers. And what [show]-ify yourself might you want to play around with next?