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'2012' and 'Zombieland': Comic-Con gets a double dose of apocalyptic doom with

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Zombieland-clown_lDirector Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow)may be the king of the disaster movie, but he doesn’t really want theworld to end. Showing off his latest apocalyptic would-be blockbuster, 2012,at Comic-Con, Emmerich — joined by one of the film’s stars,Woody Harrelson — said there’s one simple reason he favorsthese kinds of movies: relatability. “I loved disaster movies like TheTowering Inferno as a kid. They’re about real people who don’t have anyspecifictalents. I don’t have any real talent so I was drawn to them.” WithDanny Glover as president and an Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike playing the Governator,Emmerich destroys all of Los Angeles and then some in his modern-dayNoah’s Ark-meets-Mayan-mythology tale, which stars John Cusack as a dadtrying to rescue his wife and daughter — and, if possible, the world.

After screening a clip of California being destroyed,Emmerich said he’s ready to let go of his apocalyptic fixation for now:”This will be my last one–the mother of alldisaster films.” His next project, he said, will be an adaptation of IsaacAsimov’s science-fiction novel, Foundation.

Harrelson was doing double-duty at Sony’s panel, promoting both 2012 and his R-rated horror comedy, Zombieland, about a group of people surviving a zombieapocalypse. Did he ever expect to star in a zombiemovie? “I certainly could have hoped for it,” Harrelson said. “It was high time I got offered a zombie movie.”

As for rumors that Bill Murray plays a zombie in the movie, Harrelson said, “I can confirm that there is a rumorthat Bill Murray is in Zombieland.”

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