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Mariah Carey's new video

The singer costars as herself dressed as a man in the music video for ”Obsessed”

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In the pop superstar’s latest outing, ”Obsessed,” we see her transform from Mimi to man and back again. But is the track really a response to Eminem? Read on!

Hark, who is that goateed bell-hop helping the glamorous pop icon out of her town car? Why, it’s Ms. Carey, trading in her habitual high heels and lady spangles for a lowly hotel employee’s uniform.

Never mind that it’s been years (nay, decades) since Mariah walked New York’s streets without security, friends, and hangers-on. Let us turn our attention to the mysterious man in the hoodie following her.

Could it be? Why yes, it’s our bellhop, now shown in ”his” Mariah-shrine room — photos and CDs and a life-size Mimi cardboard cutout, oh my! — revealing his obsession (and perhaps a serious eBay habit).

While famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier (making a cameo as himself) snaps away at a fancy shoot, Mariah coos sweetly, ”Boy, why you so obsessed with me?/…you’re delusional, you’re delusional.”

Mimi has yet to confirm rumors that the song is a dig at Eminem, who raps on his recent ”Bagpipes From Baghdad” about her and her spouse: ”Mariah, what ever happened to us?/ …Nick Cannon better back the f— up.”

Slim Shady may be alive and well, but his supposed stand-in ends up creamed by a city bus in front of Carey’s eyes. Cosmic justice via four-minute music video? Or star-on-star hissy-fit crime? You decide, viewers.