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'The Bachelorette' episode 10: Some men tell all, others don't show up

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I’m going to be honest, Bachelorette fans — I think these reunion specials are a waste of time. And this is coming from someone who has Big Brother season passed on her DVR. Once Jillian sends someone packing, they are wiped clean from my memory (with the possible exception of Michael the bartender). That makes it all the harder to enjoy this two-hour trip down filler memory lane. At least tonight’s Men Tell All special had some drama; it was steeped in rejected bachelor anger — and not just from Dave the Rageaholic. Whether they were pig-piling on Jake for being “perfect” or taking Juan to task for shot-gate, these boys were pissed and they wanted everyone to know it. The boys who bothered to show up, that is. Click over to my full Bachelorette TV Watch recap for details and don’t miss Chris Harrison’s exclusive EW.com blog, but before all that, tell me what you thought of the MTA extravaganza below. Were you shocked at who was MIA? Who handled themselves well — and who should just shut the hell up? And most importantly, will it be Ed or Kiptyn (or Reid) who gets the final rose? If you need a laugh after all that rage, check out the most recent episode of EW.com’s original series The Doll Bachelorette. Tonight, Zambonae quizzes the bachelors — with shocking results.