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Michael Jackson: Joe Jackson's hollow denials of beating Michael on 'Larry King Live'

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If you’ve read any extensive interview with Michael Jackson, you probably share my nausea at the display of self-serving bull that Michael’s father Joe Jackson handed Larry King last night. Other people are going to seize upon Joe’s accusations of foul play involved in Michael’s death. I’d just like to zero in on what Joe said when King asked about the “many” reports “over the years” that he’d “physically harmed” his son. “That’s a buncha bull-s,” said Joe, “I never did.” (Quote occurs about 7:50 in here):

Joe’s denials that he ever beat his son have been repeatedly contradicted by Michael’s own words, including those in Michael’s autobiography Moonwalk, in which he wrote of his father, “He would beat you… he would hit me so hard.”

It’s pretty clear that Michael hadn’t wanted Joe in his life for many years. Joe downplayed this, and batted away King’s questions about whether Joe saw his grandchildren regularly. “Well, I live in Las Vegas and they live in L.A.,” he said. Yeah, boy, there‘s a vast geographical distance, isn’t there?

Make no mistake: Joe Jackson was, at the very least, not a good father to Michael. I believe a dead man’s words over his.

Did you watch the Larry King Live interview? What do you think?