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Guest Editor Olivia Munn: How to hit on a pretty girl at Comic-Con

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Olivia_munn_leia_l There will be a lot of them roaming around, both on the convention floor and in the local bars. Time to man up, kid, and set your phasers on amour.

    1. Offer her your extra convention pass.
    2. Say you have an “in” to an exclusive Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
    3. Ask her if she likes Marvel or DC.
    4. Show her a big armload of indie comics.
    5. “You are one of the few people here who can pull off that Black Cat costume.”
    6. Mistake her for someone in Iron Man 2.
    7. Identify which Battlestar Galactica tribe she’s from based solely on her accent
    8. “Remember the Next Generation episode with Mark Twain? Oh man, was that crazy or what?”

addCredit(“Jen Lowery/Startraksphoto.com”)