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Green Lantern and 'Blackest Night': One of the comics events of the summer

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If you’re a comics fan, you know about the Green Lantern miniseries “event,” Blackest Night. But even if all you know about Green Lantern is that Ryan Reynolds was just cast to play the character, you should check out Blackest Night #1, which came out last week. And this Wednesday, head to your local comic book store for Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps, which will give you a lot of the Green Lantern back- and forward-story, in yarns about the Green Lantern Corps. (There are many more than just one Green Lantern, new readers.)

I’ll keep it brief here: Blackest Night finds Green Lantern grappling with the deaths of numerous DC Comics heroes, including Batman and Aquaman, and ended with a spooky image of a great super-villain, Black Hand.

The Blackest Night series is written by Geoff Johns, who’s really on a roll these days with first-rate story arcs for Superman and The Flash. The muscular art is by Ivan Reis. This is one of the best comic-book series of the summer.