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2009 Emmy Nominations: Which is your favorite, and why?

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Vanessa-Williams_l I’ve had 48 hours to recover from the pain of the Umpteenth Annual Emmy Nomination Snubs — no room at the table for Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell? Seriously? — and now I’m attempting to do the glass-half-full dance. (Sounds like something Mia Michaels might cook up for a future episode of So You Think You Can Dance, no?) In that spirit, today, let’s talk about the 2009 Emmy nomination that made you happiest, and more importantly, why. (We’ll collect the best answers for an EW.com gallery later this week.) For me, predictably, it’s Vanessa L. Williams’ nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her portrayal of Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. I’m not sure if there’s an actress on TV today (or in the history of ever) who can so consistently (and effortlessly) escalate her punch lines to legendary territory. (After the jump, check out last season’s “Put on your game face! Not your gay face, your game face.”) Oh, and Williams’ patented delighted/bitchy eyebrow raise is as vital a part of the current TV landscape as the Lost flashback, Ina Garten’s use of butter, and the DVR.

Your turn. Which 2009 Emmy nomination made you happiest? Give us your pick and explain yourself in the comments section below!

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