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New Mariah Carey video for 'Obsessed': See Mimi in drag!

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You’ve heard the Eminem-dissing single, and seen the Mimi-as-a-man photos. And tonight, you’ll be able to see its official premiere on America’s Got Talent.

In the meantime, though, the new Mariah Carey video for “Obsessed” has made an early, unsanctioned bow — like everything else these days — on YouTube. The clips may be taken down nearly as soon as they’re up, but you’re guaranteed to find at least one version of the video if you look fast enough:

So what do you think, readers? I’m guessing she’s not supposed to actually look like the real Slim Shady here; I’m actually seeing shades of Freddie Rodriguez (Six Feet Under, Grindhouse). But you tell me — is this the Mimi you were hoping for? How does it hold up to her past material?

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