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What's that song? Commercial Edition

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Is there anything as niggling as hearing a song in a TV ad you know you know, but you don’t quite know enough to name it? Or anything as exhilarating as catching a snippet of a song for the first time that you have to hear again right away?

Below, our roundup of the recent commercial soundtracks that have caught our attention… If you’ve got your own questions, post in the comments and let us know — we’ll do our best to find you an answer!

First off: The Palm Pre from Sprint, featuring angular L.A. rockers Io Echo’s “Doorway” (that’s singer Joanna Gikas vamping in the 3-D phone); you can find the song on iTunes, or streaming here on their MySpace:

Next up: The Carl’s Jr. ad featuring The Hills‘ Audrina Patridge snarfing down a teriyaki burger in a gold bikini — to the sounds of Jenny Lewis’ breathy wails on “The Moneymaker,” from indie stalwarts Rilo Kiley’s 2007 release Under the Blacklight:

And last but not least, the Dell commercial full of quirky, ethnographically diverse young people going in one door and coming out the other happily be-laptopped?They’re accompanied by the ethnographically diverse synth-pop duo Stereo Total‘s kooky-mod “I Love You Ono” (which is actually a cover of a song by defunct Japanese new wave outfit the Plastics), on their ’06 record My Melody:

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