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'Harry Potter''s latest bag of tricks

”Harry Potter”’s latest bag of tricks — Liquid memories, the Inferi, and the Horcrux make their appearance in ”Prince”

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Liquid Memories
Harry dips his head into Dumbledore’s Pensieve to view crucial scenes from Voldemort’s school days. This time the experience involves smoke-like dissolves and radical perspective changes.

The Inferi
Prince goes George A. Romero — and terrifyingly so — with these caverndwelling, Gollumesque amphibious zombies, tasked by Voldy with guarding an enchanted object called a…

Pay attention, because this is muy importante: A Horcrux is a hiding place for a piece of your soul. The cryptic Horcrux in Prince includes a devious twist — and establishes the premise of the seventh film.

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes
Diagon Alley now features a novelty store, run by Ron’s prankster brothers, Fred and George. In stock: Anti-Gravity Hats, Screaming Yo-Yos, and Puking Pastilles. Beat that, Mr. Magorium!