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The 'Bruno' marketing blitz: Are you over it yet?

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Bruno_l Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Brüno. I caught a screening of the movie last month and thought it was pretty funny, even if a lot of it felt staged to me. You’ll never convince me that Paula Abdul wasn’t in on the joke, loopy as she may be. And the central storytelling device — foreigner comes to America with trusty sidekick, has a falling out with trusty sidekick, etc., etc. — is a weak carbon copy of what drove the much funnier, fresher, and all-around more holy-crap-he-just-did-what?! Borat. (I’m not gonna get into the good-for-the-gays/bad-for-the-gays question here. Stay tuned for a post this weekend from Michael Slezak on that topic.) So yeah, I liked Brüno just fine.

But the Brüno marketing blitz that’s been pummeling us for what seems like months now? Make it stop! The never-ending stream of “outrageous” Brüno stunts around the globe is enough to make me want to declare war on the umlaut. Look! It’s Brüno being flamboyant in London! Ah-ha, here’s Brüno parading around as a bull in Madrid! Oh boy, now he’s making Matt Lauer kiss his hand on the Today show! Sacha Baron Cohen, the man behind the titular character, even followed up a rare out-of-character appearance on Letterman this week with an in-character reading of Dave’s Top Ten List last night. (The list? Ten reasons…to go see Brüno.)

I fully understand that promotion is as integral to the movie biz as suspenders are to Lederhosen. But Brüno, your shtick is starting to feel as stale as day-old Apfelstrudel. Ich bin so over you! What’s your take on Brüno’s übiquitoüsness? Is it über-annoying or über-hilarioüs?