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Emma Watson 'guns' Letterman

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As someone who actually spent eleven years attending an English boarding school I’ve never felt the desire or the need to investigate the world of Hogwarts. But I have always been impressed by Emma Watson whenever she does the rounds promoting Harry Potter and the Magical Bowl of Crusty Porridge, or whichever of the HP movies happens to be coming out at the time.

Watson was once again on charmingly-if-mildly-pugnacious form last night talking to David Letterman. When Dave quizzed the actress about her plans to study liberal arts in America and asked her exactly what “liberal arts” involved, Watson responded, “Do you live in the States? Shouldn’t you be telling me this?” (Letterman’s response: “The kid just gunned me!”) Watson also kept her cool when Dave produced a photograph of her “wardrobe malfunction” at the recent, rain-soaked UK premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (“At least I’m wearing underwear”) and admirably coped with the fact that Letterman appears to know even less about the Potter movies than I.

Check out the clip below and tell us what you think.