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Harry Potter: Pre-boarding the train to crazy(crush)town

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Daniel-Radcliffe_l My inappropriate crush is really on Harry Potter, not Daniel Radcliffe. I know that. But every time a Harry Potter film hits theaters, the two become one. I’ve been avoiding Potter press and previews because I want to prolong the Half-Blood Prince-fueled trip to crazy(crush)town for as long as possible. (I did a drive-by recently when I had a discussion about how I couldn’t be with Zachary Quinto’s Spock because there’d be nothing for me to do on the Enterprise, but I could always work for the Daily Prophet — assuming newspapers are faring better in the Potterverse.) Today, however, I slipped and read an item on People. I felt myself get annoyed when it mentioned Radcliffe’s age: How is he still only 19? All aboard!

Anyone else preparing to make that trip? And since we’re sharing…. Be honest: Have you ever thought about how you’d make ends meet in the Potterverse? I’m not sure if I decided to work for the Daily Prophet because I’ve always liked my fantasies to be based in reality or because I’m too much of a wimp to wield anything other than a magic pen….

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