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Can you be a Michael Jackson fan and still think the TV coverage is excessive?

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That’s my question: Can you feel that Michael Jackson is a pop star on the level of Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and few other figures, and still think the media has gone into pile-on overload of his death?

In this time of 24-hour cable news, producers sit in their studio control-booths looking at the competition’s coverage. And no TV news organization feels it can pull away from its own Jackson coverage to report on national news or, to pull a random item off the Fox News news crawl as I write, the fact that “The U.N. is condeming North Korea for firing seven ballistic missles.”

Of course we appreciate much of the cultural and musical analysis that is being provided by lots of music journalists who don’t usually get much TV face time. But I don’t care about some cable anchor filling moments telling me for the 438th time that he or she owned all of Michael’s records and had a glitter-glove growing up.

How do you feel about the wall-to-wall coverage?