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'SYTYCD': Cat Deeley blogs Top 14 week!

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I wish I could rise Phoenix-like from the ashes, but unfortunately, this week I feel more like a lost puppy than a grand mythical beast! We flew straight to Phoenix after last Thursday’s show for the season six auditions, en famille. We landed into the desert heat, all 109 degrees of it, slightly dazed and confused. We’ve all been working so hard on both seasons, each and everyone of us was hoping Phoenix would prove successful and not a thankless task. It didn’t disappoint!

We met an amazing deaf girl named Alison, who could feel the bass line of the music. She did a wonderful audition, then moved onto the choreography round with Anya and Pasha. I’m not going to give too much away, you’re just going to have to tune in to find out more. But I will tell you that her best friend described one of Alison’s finest qualities as being a great listener, and I understand why. She doesn’t take it for granted — Alison was truly magnificent! I also had a SYTYCD first: In Phoenix, one of the contestants puked on my foot. Again, you’re going to have to watch to discover more, but I will tell you my entire foot, still encased in a Chanel gladiator sandal, was dunked under the faucet in the sink!!!!

All in all Phoenix was great — we had some amazing dancers, fantastic characters and we got to ride the private jet home! Nigel has just had 
back surgery, so he needs to take care of himself…which absolutely lives up to my Mariah Carey fantasies!

News, hot off the press!! I can now confirm, after weeks of speculation, that Katie Holmes will be performing on SYTYCD on the 23rd of July on the 100th show. She’s going to be performing a number as an homage to Judy Garland in celebration of old Hollywood called “Get Happy.” But more importantly, she’s raising awareness of a brand new charity called the Dizzy Feet Foundation, whose aim is to support dancers from underprivileged backgrounds who otherwise would have to sacrifice their dreams due to a lack of financial support. Fundamentally, the message is everyone from any race, religion, colour, or creed should be able to enjoy dance, and not just a chosen few. Katie’s performance is incredible, but there are going to be lots of other surprises and guest performers — it’s must-see TV! Don’t miss it!

The performance show this week was one of our strongest yet. We ask so much of the dancers, and they constantly deliver amazing results!
 The show started with Brandon and Janette, and as always they didn’t disappoint. But I know Brandon was nervous, as Mia Michaels was on the judge panel. She has been very vocal in the past about Brandon’s attitude and talent. He needn’t have worried! Mia basically explained how she was Brandon’s biggest fan and how she was hard on him because she wanted him to reach his full potential — cue teary eyes throughout the studio! It was such a wonderful moment and Brandon was crying as he left the stage!

Caitlin and Jason performed a Brian Friedman jazz number, all about aliens coming to Earth to procreate with the last man left alive. If I could only tell you the controversy that costume caused and the discussions that took place before we went to air! However she bit the bullet and embraced the character wholeheartedly. On Thursday both Jason and Caitlin had their bags packed, they were so sure they were going home. The show started and Caitlin’s entire family had come to the studio dressed as aliens to offer their support. When the results were revealed and they avoided the bottom three couples, they were ecstatic.

Kayla and Kupono looked like superstars in their Twilight inspired routine from Sonya.

Ade and Melissa performed the show’s first ever classical pas de deux en pointe. I think Melissa inspired millions of little girls to take up ballet, with her beautiful portrayal of Juliet!

Unfortunately, we had to lose Vitolio and Karla. They performed a magnificent quickstep — normally the most dreaded style of all! Whenever dancers pick it from the hat, they cringe. Jean Marc Généreux did an amazing job with the choreography and I loved the dress quick-change. If only women could buy dresses like that in real life! It would save millions of arguments between couples; men wouldn’t have to sit waiting in cabs as women have one outfit crisis after another. Mind you, I think it’s women’s prerogative to change their minds and keep men waiting! Wow…I suddenly feel very Carrie Bradshaw!

Cat Deeley signing off…

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