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Matching 'NYC Prep' and 'Gossip Girl'

Matching ”NYC Prep” and ”Gossip Girl” — Character parallels between the two hit shows

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Matching ‘NYC Prep’ and ‘Gossip Girl’

The parallels between the fantasy of The CW’s Gossip Girl and the reality of Bravo’s NYC Prep are as endless as an Upper East Sider’s trust fund. Here, we match the Gossip characters with their Prep counterparts.

Chuck = PC
Self-obsessed? Power-trippy? Pushing metro-chic to the limit? Check, check, check. Basically, they’re separated at birth.

Serena = Kelli
These glamour girls are fixtures on the party circuit, attracting admirers and drama wherever they go.

Blair = Jessie
Both are ice queens, both are bitchy, and both have tried to veil feelings for their tortured loves (Chuck and PC, respectively).

Nelly Yuki = Camille
The resident nerds! Nelly schemed for her Yale acceptance, while Camille obsesses over her SAT scores.

Jenny = Taylor
Early on, Jenny craved the fab life of the Upper East Side. And when Taylor threw her ”party,” you could smell a similar desperation.

Nate = Sebastian
Hello, sandy-haired lady-killers! Nate’s hooked up with every leading GG gal, and Sebastian is set to do the same on Prep.