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Stephen Lynch and Jonathan Coulton: The boys of your comedy summer?

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I like music. I like funny. I like funny music, though the two together are, frankly, not always so easy to pull off — classic Steve Martin-with-a-banjo is one thing; but oh, what painful, craven imitators the (admittedly often excellent) SNL star Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew hath wrought!

If music-funny is your thing, however, two of the most popular guys (in geeky viral-style internet terms, at least) doing that sort of thing both have new projects, and I’m curious to know what Popwatchers think of their very different respective brands of song-comedy.

Internet phenom Jonathan Coulton who is best known for his insane productivity and geek-boy compositions (“Code Monkey,” “Re: Your Brains”), has a new CD/DVD this week entitled Best.Concert.Ever, and recalls the strummy, sometimes absurdist rock stylings of They Might Be Giants or Ben Folds.

Stephen Lynch (you may know him as the onetime star of Broadway’s stage adaption of The Wedding Singer), on the other hand, is approximately 490586 times raunchier (check out his late-March release, 3 Balloons, or the new contest for fans to write their own versions of his defiantly un-PC, horrify-your-mother series “Dear Diary.”)

Watch clips of both below and tell me, which one is more your song-comedy style? Warning: Lynch is really, really NSWF: