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Katherine Heigl has a huge orgasm in 'The Ugly Truth'

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Just when I was thinking “There is absolutely nothing ugly about that ubiquitous Ugly Truth TV promo, and we would all be lucky to remotely resemble Katherine Heigl in casualwear let alone a slinky black dress,” in rides Katherine Heigl’s series of not quite gorgeous but very realistic ‘O’ faces, as triggered by a delighted, preteen boy. I should clarify: The preteen boy is operating her turbo-charged vibrating briefs, which Heigl’s character has obviously chosen to wear during an important dinner. Don’t get her wrong — she’s not usually such a “sexual deviant.” (Boo!) Heigl’s great at faking it here, though I hope for her sake that she got to make actual use of the prop. Did I really just say that? Check out the NSFW scene below, in a clip from ComingSoon.net (And there’s a really annoying 30-second commercial before the clip begins, but just turn the volume down and use that time to embrace July by thinking about ice cream.)

I think the guy who wiped his forehead off with his dinner napkin may have had a little one, too. What do you think, P-Dubs — does this beat out Meg Ryan’s pie orgasm in When Harry Met Sally? Who wants ceviche for dinner?