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Megan Fox and Harry Smith: Our new favorite couple

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My summer romance with Harry Smith continues! If you missed Megan Fox’s chat with him on CBS’ The Early Show this morning, you must watch below.

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First, Harry establishes that Megan, star of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is not actually a motorcycle mechanic. Then he admits he went to see the movie in IMAX — “with actual human beings”! — and didn’t follow it.

Harry Smith: I’m not sure I understand it all. Are you supposed to literally understand what every scene is or what it means? [Note: This is now my favorite question ever.]

Megan Fox:
I don’t know if that’s — I mean, I’m in the movie, and I read the script, and I watched the movie, and I still didn’t know what was happening. So, I think if you haven’t read the script, and you go and you see it and you understand it, you may be a genius…. This is a movie for geniuses.

Suddenly, I’m crushing on Megan Fox as well. But wait. There’s more. Harry shows her a clip of the kind words costar Shia LaBeouf said about her when he stopped by the show.

Smith: “Phenomenally gorgeous” and “like kissing a unicorn.”

Fox: Hmm. [Looooong well-played silence]

Smith: What do you think that means?

Fox: I think he was trying to say that he thinks I’m special. I think. I think.

Smith: Right. OK. I’m, you know, I’ll go with that.

Fox: Thank you. I remind you of a unicorn, also? [CORRECTION: This is now my favorite question ever.]

Smith: I would — I just — I’ve never…

Fox: What about a woodland nymph fairy?

Smith: Yeah.

Fox: OK. OK.

Is anyone else finding themselves liking Megan Fox against their will? What about Harry Smith?

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