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'The Bachelorette': Which guy is right for Jillian?

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Jillian-bachelorette_l After seven episodes of The Bachelorette: Vancouver Tourism Edition, it’s pretty clear our leading lady, Jillian, is an abysmal judge of character with low (and ever-plummeting) self-esteem.I mean, seriously, when you’re dating a man who spends all your time together performing his “first imaginary single” while failing to straightforwardly reassure you he actually is single, it’s a good sign that (in reality TV-speak) he is “not here for the right reasons.” And while I was psyched to see Jillian give a rose to hot and level-headed Argyle Ed — I respect a guy who values his day job over a 1-in-10 chance at televised love…sue me! — I think it’s clear she’d be better off leaving her romantic fate to a group of blog-reading strangers than to continue making decisions for herself. To that end, let’s get together and decide the woman’s future with a handy PopWatch poll! Ready, set, vote (FOR ED)! (Also: Read Kristen Baldwin’s hilarious episode recap, check out Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes blog, and watch the latest installment of The Doll Bachelorette, because you cannot get enough of this sick, addictive series!)