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Is Michael Cera his own genre now?

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At the risk of sounding completely insane today instead of my typical “partially,” I’m convinced that the kid in the backseat of AT&T’s new Family Plan commercial was cast solely because his voice sounds exactly like Michael Cera’s. Listen and learn.

Well, “learn” was the wrong word. But it’s worth asking: Has Michael Cera — or Michael Cera’s high-pitched, uneasy voice — become his/its own genre at this point? I’m noticing more and more that certain products incorporate a certain offbeat “type” to sell things. In the latest Verizon/LG commercial, I get a distinctive Clark Duke or possibly Jonah Hill vibe from the sloppy-looking, sarcastic guy who claims “I would never use that stuff!” but is secretly jonesing for a new enV cell phone so he can start using all the cool apps ASAP and become a Twitter tool like his two gushing friends. I suppose if you can’t have a T Mobile-shilling Catherine Zeta-Jones show up at the potential customer’s doorstep, a surrogate voice-alike or act-alike is the next best thing. It’s refreshing, actually, to see more relatable people on-screen than the perfect, plasticine ‘bots we’re used to.

Maybe I just watched too much* Arrested Development on DVD this weekend and am all George Michael’ed out.

*Wrong; Impossible