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Exclusive: Meet the pimp on HBO's 'Hung'

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The words “pimp” and “hung” in the same headline: good day! In advance of Sunday night’s premiere of HBO’s new comedy Hung (10 p.m. ET), which stars The Punisher‘s Thomas Jane as a divorced, broke, high school coach with a large money-maker in his pants, we have your first look at the vlog his “pimp” Tanya (Frasier‘s Mel Karnofsky, Jane Adams) will be keeping on the show’s website. Below, she explains how she and Ray (Jane) got into business together and how she plans on teaching him to use his “extra special d—” to satisfy women in a new way. (We didn’t mean that to sound dirty.) (It’s actually pretty funny.) Will you be watching Hung? Give us a Y or N below!

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